About Brian

I’m dedicated to helping businesses and individuals succeed

From Psychology researcher, clinician, and educator to SEO web designer, content marketing author, and Internet marketing consultant, business coach, freelancer mentor, and so much more!

With extensive professional Internet marketing experience dating back to the 1990s, I bring a seasoned approach to working with clients. As an entrepreneur, I am affiliated with multiple new media companies and brands through which I help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

On a day-to-day basis, I spend an enormous amount of time writing and thinking of ideas, consulting, teaching, helping people solve their problems, balance running my brands (especially Uniseo) and adapting to our rapidly changing world. I’m also the president of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA).

I’ve received multiple awards over the years, including being a finalist for the Quebec Notable Awards (social media category). I have two Master’s degrees in psychology, have taught undergraduate university courses (including McGill University and Boston College, among others), and currently provide training services and keynote talks on topics such as content marketing, SEO, social media, business, entrepreneurship, freelancing, personal development, and various online marketing topics. My academic research history includes having been the principle investigator on one of the first studies on Internet addiction.

One of my earliest media appearances was being featured in a 1993 Montreal Gazette article about comic book entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

From the time I sold wallets as a seven-year-old learning about business, I knew there was something exciting about being an entrepreneur. My first real business venture came during my teen years. I marketed and ran mini-conventions (selling comic books and sports cards) out of my parents’ garage. After my first show, while having dinner with my parents, I was enthusiastic and amazed at the thousands of dollars that had gone through the garage. I could hardly control my excitement. My entrepreneurial dad’s response to the success of the show was “let me guess, if you buy low and sell high, you can make money” and I was like “Yes! This is fantastic!” That was a big awakening moment for me. Becoming a comic book “dealer” really helped me gain insights into the risks and rewards of running your own business. So while I pursued a clinical and academic research career in Psychology, it was intertwined with businesses on the side.


I have studied internationally at these schools.

Bachelor of Science (B.SC.)

Master of Arts (M.A.)*

Dean’s Honour List for Best Thesis

Master of Arts (#2!)*

Diploma of Collegial Studies (D.C.S.)

Web Design Certificates

Photography Certificates

Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate

*Both Master’s degrees started as Ph.D.s but I left each program early to work in the web industry… long story but no complaints!

Brand Involvement

I went down the academic path but never left my entrepreneurial spirit behind. While in university, I honed my marketing and business talents putting on fundraising events such as film festivals. As the Internet slowly crept into our lives, I naturally embraced this new communications tool. I launched my first website in 1997 and began marketing it. That same year, an early version of Citynet Magazine emerged as one of the first ever blogs. It is now among the longest running online publications. In 1999, I launched my first web company, offering web design and related services. By 2004, I had launched Uniseo, Redstone Photography, and other brands. Uniseo was founded as one of the first SEO companies in the world, and it has since grown to be a full service boutique online marketing and training company. I work with a core group of talented professionals. As a professional photographer, I’ve worked with over 50 major brands. My work has been published in dozens of significant publications.

Five-Star Author

In my youth, I started writing many books, both fiction and non-fiction. The trend has continued until today. I’ve written many books but have only chosen to publish a handful of them. My book, Content Marketing Ideas is one of the most important publications that any business owner looking for success online can buy. It is rated five stars on Amazon in Canada, the US, and the UK. In The Psychology of Pricing, I focused on writing for freelancers and small agencies on the vendor side of the equation.

I’m part of a limited edition WordPress trading card series!

In-Demand Speaker

My talks are rated among the best at every conference at which I speak. I’m proud of that and work hard to deliver an entertaining, funny, and informative session each time. I give the talks I want to attend. I hate boring “fluff talks” that make me stare at my phone for an hour.

Say “No!” to lifeless talks and scream “YES!” to my dynamic talks where the audience walks away educated and excited. I want attendees to feel empowered while learning practical insights without feeling like they are in a dull school-style lecture. More of an experience, if you will.

Positive Psychology & Personal Development

I believe that there’s more to life than striving to keep up with the Joneses. Being healthy and active are keys to helping you stay positive, especially during these difficult times. Despite the lack of top-down promotion of these ideals during the pandemic, never lose sight of such an important idea. About a decade ago, I changed my life to keep up with my positive belief system, lost 70 pounds, and the associated negative health consequences of being overweight disappeared. The Montreal Gazette published a story on my achievement which has inspired many to change their own lives. After all these years of personal development success, the lockdowns have hindered some of my progress, as it has for so many others, but life is about balance and I’m working with it. Mental health and balancing your life are more important than ever. I help people with their journeys to a better life through mentorship, consulting, and education.

A Renaissance Man

One of the biggest compliments I have received is having been called a “renaissance man.” The first time it happened was during an interview with the department head of a New York City graduate school where I was applying to do a PhD. I’ve since been called that many times, as I’ve gone on to be a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, strategist, consultant, conference speaker, photographer, creative director, editor-in-chief, and so much more! I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping young companies and freelancers grow their businesses and themselves personally. I mentor many budding entrepreneurs. I’m guided by a strong belief in transparency and integrity, while encouraging people to just be themselves. Oddly enough, the harder I work, the luckier I get. Imagine that!

What I Do

Rather than a long paragraph, here’s the short, bulleted list edition bio-sheet.

  • Internet strategist
  • Thought leader
  • Content marketing expert
  • SEO expert
  • Social media consultant
  • Workshop professor
  • Conference keynote speaker
  • Internet marketing guide 
  • Published photographer 
  • Creative director and designer of attractive websites that convert: I make company websites work hard as they sell your products and services while you sleep. 
  • Prolific writer
  • Personal development and empowerment promoter

Integrated In All That I Do

  • Go-to guy: What problem do you need solved?
  • High integrity and high standards
  • Lateral thinker / Out-of-the-box idea generator
  • Intelligent and creative approaches to solving problems
  • Hype-free. I’m not a salesperson. I tell it like it is.
  • Jack of many trades, master of some
  • Award winner
  • Continually look out for my clients’ best interests. How many of your business associates and vendors can claim that fact? I want you to succeed and excel. I work with clients who understand the value of hiring an experienced professional.