The Pyschology of Pricing Book Brian Rotsztein

The Psychology of Pricing was written specifically for freelancers, small agency owners, WordPress professionals, content creators, and creative services specialists.

The focus is on individuals who work in the WordPress ecosystem. However, most of the useful advice, actionable ideas, insider tips, proven techniques, best practices, helpful real life examples, personal anecdotes, compelling insights, effective tactics, and profitable strategies can be implemented by any freelancer that offers a web-related service.

Do not read this book unless you’re ready to make more money.

What To Expect

The Psychology of Pricing is ideal for those who want to boost profitability through increased confidence, an enriched mindset, and better pricing. Here is just a fraction of what you will discover to help you excel in your business:

  • Reduce or eliminate the guesswork in your pricing decisions.
  • Leverage your talents for higher pay.
  • Gain confidence to breeze through the dreaded ”pricing talk.”
  • How and when to use the most important pricing models.
  • Go deep into relative-value pricing to maximize income.
  • How to embrace pricing and no longer see it as your enemy.
  • Discover the psychological underpinnings behind pricing.
  • Better understand how clients think so you can close more deals.
  • Benefit from step-by-step instructions, ideas that work, and scripts.

Three Books in One

In the first part, you will learn how to augment your pricing mindset, and acquire practical skills that harness client psychology. The second part is an extensive and detailed handbook where you will learn how to use the essential pricing models. The third part is a shorter guide covering theme and plugin businesses, and content creators. If you’re looking for a powerful starting point to earn more, you need this book.