Your talk alone made the price of admission worth it” – I’m proud to say that I have heard statements such as this one countless times. Here is a sample of speaker reviews by the audience.

Your lecture was fascinating! The students were amazed at what's going on with technology these days. You really kept them interested. Thanks again!

- G. Cartwright
Dean, Information Technology and Continuing Education, McGill University

Brian is by far the most knowledgeable SEO individual in Montreal. He has a different way of looking at things, he's not afraid to speak his mind and in doing so his advice is always an entertaining and highly beneficial learning experience. I have had the privilege of speaking with Brian at several events and could not imagine a better partner. If you are lucky enough to sit and chat with him, you will receive many nuggets of wisdom.

- B. Sera-Shriar
Senior Community Manager, Mega Brands, Montreal

I have seen Brian's exceptional presentations. These presentations were remarkable and very interesting. Brian is an amazing public speaker and one of the greatest persons I have ever met. He has an uncanny sense of technological trends and internet strategy. His ideas are relevant, thought-provoking, and useful.

- S. Paiva
Director, Techno Talks

I met Brian at WordCamp Montreal, where I enjoyed his presentation on SEO. He explained it in plain language and even made it sound fun. Brian is generous with his extensive knowledge of SEO and internet marketing, willingly sharing his expertise at conferences and social events. He also presents these details in bite sized pieces, so that a novice like myself doesn't feel overwhelmed. Brian's innate curiosity and enthusiasm for life make him a pleasure to work with.

- R. Harvey
Social Media Consultant & Communications Officer, Camosun International, Vancouver

Brian agreed to speak about SEO at one of our recent Social Media Breakfast events here in Montreal. I've seen him speak at other venues, and he always seems to bring something new to the table. He is a long-time SEO practitioner and possesses a deep knowledge within this field having been immersed in it from the early going. Brian is also an accomplished photographer, and has such a great understanding of the web in general. These attributes are what I believe makes him an invaluable asset to any firm in the form of consultant/trainer/service provider. It is with pleasure that I recommend his services and I have 100% faith in the fact that he will meet and exceed any of your expectations.

- J. Taylor
Founder, Social Media Breakfast Montreal