SEO Expert Witness Services

Navigating the intricate labyrinth of the Internet in legal proceedings can be challenging. With over 25 years in the SEO industry, I have worked with law firms, lawyers, entrepreneurs, large corporations, and litigators looking for authoritative insight into internet-related disputes. I provide Internet expert services, specializing in SEO-related matters.

Search Engine Optimization Expert with Court Experience

I’ve provided consultations, depositions, analyses, and extensive reports for these topics:

  • Legal SEO Advising: Taught lawyers and their clients about SEO in preparation for court cases
  • Corporate Consultations: Advisor such as consulting about SEO amidst legal challenges
  • Preliminary Legal Consultations: Consulted with attorneys and businesses to determine the viability of pursuing a legal case
  • Expert Witness Reports: Diligently prepared thorough and credible reports for legal cases
  • Intellectual Property Battles: Advised on content ownership and trademark infringement
  • Standards: Advised on website expectations, Internet standards, and potential fraud
  • Traffic Redirection Accusations: Investigated claims of competitors unlawfully diverting website traffic
  • Domain Name Disputes: Guided legal teams through the nuances of domain ownership
  • Defamation & Online Reputation: Assessment of potential damage to online reputation
  • SEO Backlinks: Assessment of value for backlink services
  • Agency Review: Assessment of SEO agency following industry standards and their impact on traffic and sales.
  • Web & Search Analytics: Assessment of purchased web traffic value

Why hire me for your legal proceedings?

Here are a few reasons to consider me:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Between being an SEO professional and an Internet marketing expert witness, I bring an unmatched depth of understanding to the table
  • Academic Pedigree: My teaching and award-wining research activities at major universities ensure a thorough, research-backed approach to legal challenges
  • Psychology Background: I hold Master of Arts degrees in Psychology, and have practical experience in the field
  • Track Record of Success: I have a history of contributing positively to litigation outcomes
  • Versatile Expertise: Beyond SEO, as an Internet expert witness, I offer guidance on a diverse range of digital disputes and topics
  • Active Participant: I started building and marketing websites in the mid-1990s, and have been an active participant as the industry has grown since then
  • Experience: I bring extensive experience as an Internet marketer but also have a strong ability to educate myself on new topics. I’m also knowledgeable about societal matters and possess a broad range of expertise in other topics.

Guidance Beyond the Courtroom

Businesses seek my counsel to preempt potential legal pitfalls in the online space. I’m certainly not a legal professional and make it clear that my advice does not replace a practicing lawyer. With that said, my grasp of online dynamics allows me to provide invaluable insights. And to be clear, sometimes I am going to tell you something you don’t want to hear. On more than one occasion, I’ve been called about my SEO expert witness services by small businesses that clearly had no case and would most likely lose in a court battle. They didn’t hire me and I can only hope they stopped after our consultation! For official advice, seeking legal entities is always advised. When your court case demands an SEO specialist’s input, or when law firms require the deeper digital insights of an Internet expert witness, I’m available.

For an SEO expert witness with case experience, reach out today!