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Challenges to Canadian Societal Paradigms: Transformation and New Digital Systems

10 Social Media for Business Reality Checks

Your Social Media Footprint Could Get You Fired

The Classification of SEO Shopping Carts (This was the first ever search engine optimization e-commerce evaluation system that focussed exclusively on SEO. I created the methodology in 2005 and it remains the only e-commerce platform categorization system which assigns a classification code to shopping cart solutions.)


Travel, Tech, Dating, Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment and Nightlife Since 1997

I’ve been the Editor-in-chief and a digital journalist for Citynet Magazine since its earliest version in 1997. The publication covers topics such as food, travel, lifestyle, dating, beauty, nightlife, geek (e.g., sci-fi, Marvel, comiccon), health and wellness, entertainment, tech, startups, money, humour, music, society, and pop culture. Aside from editing duties, I’ve written hundreds of articles on a wide range of topics. I’m well-rounded that way!

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How to Get Free Airline Tickets

Guide to Karaoke Etiquette

Why a Professional Photographer Does it Better Than Your Boyfriend

The In-Crowd is Moving to the Nuns Island Pointe Nord Neighbourhood

Energy Drinks: Ingredients & Dangers


Problem Internet Use and Locus of Control Among College Students

The results of a pioneering and important study on college student Internet use (“Internet Addiction”) is available to the public. Although it has been years since it was originally presented at a conference, it remains relevant. If you choose to cite it, please let me know (no big deal but appreciated). Since I published the PDF version in 2011, it has been cited academically 68 times (that I know of)!

Read the study


A selection of my academic and clinical research

When it comes to academic, clinical research, and related projects, my work has been published and/or presented (e.g., in poster form) many times. Some of that work is now available online, such as:

I’ve held academic and research editorial positions such as:

  • McGill School and Applied Developmental Psychology Newsletter
  • The ICFP Child Development Bulletin (Institute of Community & Family Psychiatry)
  • Boston College Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology Website

I’ve developed and written clinical and academic research tools for use in hospitals, universities, and research facilities, such as:

  • Expressive Language Coding Manual
  • Problem Internet Use Survey