Select Consulting and Training Clients

Let’s work together to boost your marketing and grow your business! You can also team up with me to enhance your professional life and career. I can help you with your consulting, mentoring, coaching, training, advising, and speaking needs.


I can help guide creative concepts, provide second opinions on work that has been completed by other companies, write website analysis reports and work with you on your company’s strategy. You’d be hard-pressed to find a professional with as much experience and as many successes, coupled with integrity and know-how, to work with. I help you (and your team) to make the changes you need to get the results you want. We work together to review what you’re currently doing, develop a plan, and implement changes to achieve the outcome you want. If you find that you’re lacking in expertise, I’m the go-to guy you want to speak to. Depending on the scenario, I will actually do the work myself (and with my team).

Popular consulting services include:

  • SEO and website audits: Get a website analysis report on how your site is doing.
  • SEO second opinions: Need a different perspective?
  • Content marketing: Let’s discuss your strategies, tactics, and implementation.
  • Social media: Let’s review your objectives.
  • Business idea: Let’s determine how to best go about it online.
  • Startups: I guide tech startups on their online approach.
  • SEO expert witness: I have been brought in to support court cases.

Coaching & Career Guidance for Web Industry Pros

As a coach, I help you see what you might miss. I’ll ask direct, sometimes hard-hitting questions that you might be afraid to ask. I’ll bring a unique approach, typically one that you haven’t seen or tried in the same way. We’ll work on your marketing strategy to bring you the success you’re looking for. I’ll help you see the implementation, tactics, or patterns that aren’t working so we can reverse course toward success. As a coach, I don’t do the work per se but I’ll help you with your insights and re-orient your direction. If you’re wondering about a career in the web world, I can help answer the questions you have.

Freelancer Mentoring (New!)

After 20 years of mentoring freelancers, I have finally decided to promote it as a service. Together, we develop a business relationship where you get the best out my consulting, advising, and coaching services to improve your professional and sometimes personal life!

Guest Speaking

I’m proud to say that when I taught at the university level, I didn’t simply stand there and blabber on for each class. I did what I could to make it interesting. Watching an episode of The Simpsons and analyzing it comes to mind! Needless to say, the students enjoyed my classes and learned a lot. I consistently had the highest student ratings among university professors. I have brought that same energy, novelty, freshness, and enthusiasm to each of my speaking engagements, seminars, and workshop training sessions. With hundreds of talks behind me, I’ve consistently been rated among the top speakers at events. Learn more about my speaking activities.

Full Service Web Design & Internet Marketing

My companies offer a wide array of services to businesses worldwide. All are performed with the highest standards of excellence from conception to customer service. My primary company, Uniseo, provides complete, experience-based services such as:

  • WordPress web design
  • WordPress support and maintenance plans
  • WordPress emergency troubleshooting and repair services
  • Website security monitoring
  • Content marketing
  • Custom programming
  • Professional photography (I’m the main photographer!)
  • … among other services that help grow your business

If you’re looking for any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Niche Areas of Expertise


I’ve been helping freelancers succeed for two decades. I’m someone you can get immediate answers from.

Smaller Businesses

I have been advising small and medium-sized businesses since the 1990s. Keeping up can be overwhelming but I help simplify it. Get the same high-performance services as the big players but customized to your small business needs. I do it every day with businesses just like yours.

Medical Practices, Cosmetic Surgeons, & Wellness Specialists

I have worked on hundreds of projects for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, cosmetic dermatologists, eye doctors, medical practitioners, health and wellness specialists over the last 20 years. I have helped put beginning physicians on the map and boosted patient loads of established ones.

Travel, Tourism, & Hospitality

In many cases, I am personally your target audience, and I know what I want to see! That’s how I’ve helped bring in millions more in sales among my hospitality clients. Not to mention that I grew up in a family of vendors to the largest hotel chains on the planet. But overall, I’ve worked with many exotic resorts, activities specialists, and large hotel chains.


Everything from freelance marketers (essentially competitors, actually!), to interior designers to software engineers. I’ve worked with them all.

Enterprise-level Corporations

I provide up-to-date training, consulting, and conference speaking to level up your staff and bring them onto the same page. I was among the first SEO and content marketing experts to travel internationally to provide these services to some of the biggest names and Fortune 500 companies.