Consulting & Training Reviews

Here are testimonials from over two decades of expert and professional services.

Over the years we have worked with many web consultants. Brian is one of the best. You have dramatically revamped our website and online marketing with excellent results. Our site never enjoyed the attention it is now receiving. I enthusiastically recommend your work. Thanks again.

– G. Nierenberg

Founder, The Negotiation Institute, New York
He has consulted with several world leaders, including U.S.Presidents Clinton and Carter, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide

Brian consulted with us about our startup’s mission and vision to come up with an effective product to address the specific needs of our niche market which is the pediatrics population. He provided useful information about customer personas and segmentation, content marketing, business advice, and competitor considerations, all of which guided us into engendering values accordingly to our clients.

P. Bandamiri,

Journey of Surgery, Medical Technology Startup, Montreal

Brian and I worked together on a variety of content marketing pieces for various consumer brands. Simply put, he was a treat to work with. I especially appreciated his sense of humour and attention to product details.

M.E. Rossa, MSc.

National Communications Specialist, Toronto

There are hundreds of SEO companies offering the standard optimization platform. Brian Rotsztein, is by no means a typical SEO consultant. The skills necessary to provide quality SEO services are constantly changing. Brian’s knowledge of the industry outweighs his competitors. He is a leader, who in many cases, is not only servicing his clients, but actually teaching other SEO companies the latest information in the industry. He provides effective results, without fluff. I strongly recommend his company UNISEO for SEO services.

– S. Danson

VP, Ad Splash Media (Yellow Pages Group), Montreal

As a past Director of the Negotiation Institute, I worked with Brian for over 10 years. I couldn’t have been happier with his professionalism, honesty, clever and sometimes brilliant ideas. He made the Negotiation Institute’s website a money machine.

– J. Glick

Director, The Negotiation Institute, New York

In a booming industry like search engine optimization, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable company to work with. You have exceeded our expectations, with great results in a fair amount of time. We are encouraged by your results-driven approach to building and developing websites. Your consultations and expertise have truly been helpful and appreciated.

– S. Besmertnik

CEO, Conductor, New York

I would use these major words to describe Brian on the job: Efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and professional. Working with Brian means getting the job done and done the right way. He never cuts corners and always thinks about what you need, then provides multiple plans of action. I whole heartedly recommend his top-notch consulting services as well as his company’s work to any prospective project managers and clientele.

– Y. Sapir

Corporate Sales Manager, PCMALL, International

My experience with Uniseo has been very positive. Brian is extremely knowledgeable about the search engine optimization process, and very professional. I used Brian for a series of consultations for tech industry websites, focusing especially on wireless networking, VoIP and related communications topics. Brian researched keywords, wrote meta-tags and presented his work on time and on budget. Brian also provided a series of thorough SEO training consultations, which I found extremely helpful. He clearly and effectively explained a broad range of topics relevant to the SEO process, including Keyword research, structural improvements to a website’s design, and link development, to name just a few. Brian encouraged questions and answered them quickly and successfully. I enjoyed working with Brian and I would use Uniseo again for future search engine optimization projects.

– S. Liberace

Web Consultant, Boston

The world of SEO is wild, unguided and ever-changing. If your organization recognizes the importance of positioning your business and its online presence properly in search engines, then you need the help and guidance of a knowledgeable, proven and learned SEO expert. Brian is the man for this role. Over the past 6 months through his leadership, SEO has become an exciting revenue stream for my consultancy business and I’m confident that with personal experience it will mature into a primary revenue stream of mine. Brian has been there to patiently explain every concern I’ve had (I have tons all the time) and it’s solely his passion, excitement and understanding of SEO that I’ve taken the organic approach to Search Engine Marketing seriously, as not only an effective marketing tool but a lucrative business venture. Thanks Brian, All the Best!”

– A. J. Hall

Internet Marketing Professional, Toronto

Over the last few years, I have worked with Brian on a number of projects. Not only is he “The Man” for SEO and online marketing, his understanding of specific business needs will far exceed your expectations. He sincerely looks out for a client’s best interests. He has a strong drive to stay on top of current trends in the Internet marketing realm and adapts well to changes in them. I highly recommend him for your next project, not just as a consultant but as a valued and trustworthy source of actionable, realistic, and up-to-date information.

– N. Alexiou

Web Developer, Montreal

Brian has been very helpful in devising an Internet marketing strategy for my company. His understanding of ecommerce business and SEO is second to none. I highly recommend him.

– A. Dorfman

President, Allstar Enterprizes, Montreal

I have worked with Brian over the past few years. He is an expert – guru in his profession. When it comes to optimization and computer “networking” you can not afford to not speak with Brian. His wealth of knowledge will blow you away.

– L. Chazonoff

President, Chaz Consultants, Montreal

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating a great website which requires very little upkeep. Not only was it the best investment, but after having advertised on radio, in magazines and newspapers, it turned out to be the best return of all and the least expensive. Thanks again!

– M. C. Durham Robert

President, Style Impeccable Fashion Consulting, Montreal

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Uniseo team for the excellent work. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable in the constantly changing world of search engine optimization. As a cosmetic surgeon in solo private practice and new to Massachusetts, Uniseo was able to provide me with the web exposure necessary to succeed. I found Brian to be reliable and responsive, qualities so important for a productive relationship, but unfortunately rather rare to find today. In addition, I appreciate how Brian accommodated my unique objectives. I recommend Uniseo as a superior SEO company and I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship.

– F. Fechner, M.D.

Renown Facial Plastic Surgeon, Massachusetts

Bags & Bows is the premier source for retail packaging products in the USA and Canada. Image is not only important to us, it’s our business! We were thrilled with the design they created for our Atlanta Show mailer. The postcards and flyers were fresh, polished and very professional looking. I enjoy doing business with them. They deliver quality work and are flexible with our short turnaround times. Thank you!

– K. Kroll

Senior Account Manager, Bags & Bows, Atlanta

I wanted to take the time to thank you for doing a great job designing and managing our website. I am very happy with the professionalism and great work that Brian did for us. We needed a web site that would portray the professional image of Residential Title & Escrow Services, Inc. Brian did a great job and continues to deliver a quality product while making himself available for problem solving. Brian is reliable and hardworking. There is not more that I could have asked for. Thank You.

– L. Cooper

Esq., Sales & Marketing Manager, Residential Title & Escrow Services, New England

Brian Rotsztein is a very professional and highly knowledgeable individual. All consultations have been very informative and he has helped me to save valuable time. The services he has provided have been worthwhile and I strongly recommend him.

– E. Guadagno

Medical Librarian, McConnell Resource Centre at McGill University Health Centre, Montreal

I just wanted to write and say thank you for building our corporate website. Wealth Management Group provides a full range of financial services and manages over $100 million of dollars in assets for Canadians. We wanted a website that was informative and easy to navigate through for our clients and prospects. We feel that this has been accomplished. You were great to work with. You made some excellent suggestions and were always around for technical support and adding upgrades as was required on a couple of occasions. I’m glad that we were referred to you and we look forward to a continued relationship in the future. Thank you.

– T. Robinson

Vice President, Wealth Management Group Inc., Toronto

I wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done, both building and marketing our website. Your quick and efficient service in preparing our website was impressive. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We have had fantastic feedback from the website you developed. I was particularly impressed with the number and quality of search engines you got us on and the linking. As I mentioned before, I had full intention of designing my own site, however after a year of procrastination, I realized it was just not going to happen. You made the process easy, and with all the follow-ups, I feel I received a great value. Thanks again for a job well done.

– E. Diedrichsen

President, Boston Antiques Etc., Boston

Dear Brian, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the superb work you did on my website, Style Exclusive. You & RedstoneX really nailed it! The first thing that clients tell me when they call is how professional, sophisticated and classy our website is! This website is the portal to my business via the internet, and honestly I could not have asked for anything better! Congrats!

– L. Piccioni

President, Style Exclusive, Montreal

Brian is very professional and detail oriented. As an expert in SEO, he is reliable and realistic.

– E. Blatt

Award-winning Developer, San Francisco

Brian is the kind of guy you can’t help but want to work with. His style is uncomplicated, enthusiastic, and humour-filled so that you’ll often find yourself laughing about this or that (more like this and that). Although Brian is light-hearted he does have a strong drive to not only complete his goals but to do so in a enjoyable way so that the journey to success is pleasant, engaging, dynamic and, well, just plain fun. I have to mention that it’s nearly absurd how much time Brian spends learning new concepts and implementing them in whatever he’s doing. On more than one occasion I’ve seen him go from novice to master on a subject that another might take much longer to grasp. If asked why he spends so much time learning everything he can about some topic Brian would say something along the lines of “Because it’s fun, and because I can.” A responsible hedonistic point-of-view.

T. Hartman

Web Professional, Montreal

I can’t say enough about working with Brian. I feel very lucky to have found UNISEO for my Life Coaching business. I knew nothing about SEO and how it worked. He built my website and has taught me all about marketing my business online. In addtion, through his hard work I am at the top of the dating consultant ranking on Google. His services were well worth the investment. Lastly, he is fun to work with and I value all his input and suggestions.

– M. Lesnick

Dating Consultant and Empowerment Coach, Boston

Brian is a tremendously knowledgeable search engine optimization expert! He has built our website from scratch and has made sure that people are able to find it with ease. The methodology that Brian uses really takes all the hard work out of the clients’ hands. If you are considering hiring Uniseo and Brian don’t think twice. The business that we continue to get because of the added web traffic more than covers the fees that Uniseo charged us. Great value!

– D. Inzlicht

Headhunter, Montreal

Uniseo’s (Brian’s) expertise has helped us tremendously. They have allowed us to secure 1st page rankings in the major search engines through their consultations. They have also allowed us to continue getting great results through updated consultations. Their knowledge of SEO is unsurpassed. I would whole heartedly encourage any site wanting to be a major player on the web to employ their services. They are just wonderful, professional, practical… I just can’t say enough.

– N. Bembridge

Chief Technology Officer, A.G. Media Group, Montreal

Thanks for your studied direction and perspective. You quickly cut a clear path for me through what was a fuzzy SEO jungle. Your dedication to and comprehension of every SEO intricacy is reassuring.

– S. Arky

Marketing Consultant, Boston

I was pleased to discover Brian was full of great ideas during our consultations. I’ve always felt respected and treated fairly when working with him. Expect a direct personality and a wealth of knowledge.

P. Hartman

Co-founder, Happy For A Change, Montreal

Having worked with Uniseo I was very impressed how they had improved search results for my company with various search engines. Uniseo was quick to respond when I needed changes made to my site and always in a professional manner. Great job and hats off to Uniseo! I would highly recommend them if you desire top ranks in internet search engines. Thank you for your efforts.

– T. Handel

President, Clockwise Payroll Services, Boston

National Jewelers Supplies hired Uniseo to increase sales through our e-commerce website. They helped us become the top choice for jewelry supplies in the US. Not only have our rankings been consistently high, they have lasted since 2005 when the bulk of the work took place. Brian is a qualified Internet marketing consultant and my company’s success is more evidence of his abilities. He provided us with a full package that included consulting, linking, and optimization down to the typos. I recommend Uniseo to other companies looking to increase sales.

– D. Shea

CEO, National Jewelers Supplies, Boston

Working with Brian was a great experience, I have worked with Brian on multiple websites since the late 1990s. His consultations were helpful and showed his powerful grasp on Internet marketing, especially SEO.

– M. Cynamon

VP, Suspended Aquatic Mentor, New York

As Canada’s largest draperies and bedspreads company, we work with every chain of hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and related establishments in the hospitality and health-care industries. I have to admit that we wanted a website but had our doubts!! Because we already work with the biggest hotels in the industry (Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Hilton,…), we didn’t think the Internet would work for us. We just got our first order off the Internet and the website has already paid for itself! Thanks for all your hard work.

– L. Pereira

VP, Westmount Draperies, Montreal

I was putting together a Powerpoint Presentation for my Quebec based customers – shortly into the process I realized I needed help. I did a Google search on the Internet to look for a computer class that could help me – RedstoneX was the first one to pop up. I gave them a call and spoke to Brian. We worked out a time and I went to his office for the class. It was extremely helpful – in just a short period of time I was able to jazz up my presentation all on my own. Since the class I needed help a few times and Brian was always very accommodating.

– B. Kanduth

Paramount Home Entertainment, Montreal