This is my portfolio of brands, businesses, and organizations that I’m affiliated with.

Current Affiliations

Uniseo is the first SEO company in Canada that was founded initially as an SEO-only business in 2004 (and then expanded, obviously!). It is now a full-service Internet marketing and web design boutique agency. Since 2004, offers extensive SEO, content marketing, social media, WordPress development, and website support and maintenance plans, site security plans, and consulting and training, among many more services. One of the only Internet marketing training centres in Montreal.

President & Creative Director
My first web company, founded in 1999! Web design, custom programming, web hosting, multimedia, photography, text editing, and related services.

Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA) since 2011.

Citynet Magazine is an online lifestyle publication focusing on food, geekery, sci-fi, nightlife, tech, money, dating, beauty, and pop-culture. It’s based in Montreal but many articles are evergreen content or cover events and activities in other cities.

Head of Photography
Photography and photojournalism.

A small but mighty email marketing brand.

Less Active Affiliations

The WordPress Lifestyle (#wplife) is the idea that WordPress goes far beyond being just software. Anyone who gets involved with the WordPress community can benefit in many ways. I have done my part to help the people feel welcomed and to embrace the personal and professional development opportunities within the community. The #wplife touches on relationships, friendships, experiences, socializing, travel, fun, livelihood, inspiration, art, education, creativity, and style.

My Internet strategy blog used to be popular but I got too busy and haven’t written anything significant in a few years. I may get back to it at some point.

Founder (Tech Startup)
This tech startup was the first multilingual SEO content management system (CMS) to be built from the ground up with that specific purpose. At the time, WordPress wasn’t as effective as it is today so this solved a significant problem. The startup received some funding from the government. Our first client was the United Nations. Not bad! We still have some websites running on it but we’re no longer selling it to new clients. It was profitable from day one, making it one of the most successful tech startups in history.

Stock photo and image online store. The site is still up but I haven’t updated it in some time.

Previous Affiliations

Program Advisory Committee Member
A four-year Bachelors Degree in Digital Marketing at Algonquin College (in Ottawa) was in development but eventually the plan did not get the final go-ahead. I have also supported other programs such as having reviewed and supported a similar program for George Brown College (in Toronto). For a couple of years, I participated in WordCamp Montreal planning committee meetings.

Editor & Contributor
WordPress magazine and podcast.

V.P. of Online Marketing
Audio, video, and web conferencing, as well as an advertising network and media buying and selling division.

Video-serving platform.