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Meet Brian

Meet Brian Rotsztein

Brian Rotsztein

With extensive Internet marketing experience dating back to the 1990s, I bring a seasoned approach to working with clients. As an entrepreneur, I am involved with several new media companies and brands through which I help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

I launched my first business venture during my teen years. I marketed and ran mini-conventions (selling comic books and sports cards) in my parents' garage. I then went down the academic path but never left my entrepreneurial spirit behind.

My Day-to-Day

On a day-to-day basis, I mainly run Uniseo. Originally founded as one of the first SEO companies in the world, it has since grown to be a full service boutique online marketing and training company. I work with a core group of talented professionals.

Along side Uniseo, I manage RedstoneX (a top boutique web design and development company), as well as offering professional photography services.

As the editor-in-chief at Citynet Magazine since 1997, I've initiated the lifestyle magazine's many upgrades, including a recent pivot aimed at Montreal audiences. Citynet Magazine is actually one of the first ever blogs, and is among the longest running online publications in ever.

I also spend an enormous amount of time writing and thinking of ideas.


I've received multiple awards over the years, including being a finalist for the Quebec Notable Awards (social media category).

5-Star Rated Author

My most recent book, Content Marketing Ideas is one of the most important publications that any business owner looking for success online can buy. (The book's website is here: Smart Content Works). It is rated five stars on Amazon in Canada, the US, and the UK.

Recognized Photographer

As a professional photographer, I’ve worked with many major brands. My work has been used in dozens of significant publications.

In-demand Speaker

I have two Master's degrees, have taught university courses (including McGill University and Boston College, among others), and currently provide training services and keynote talks on topics such as content marketing, SEO, social media, business, entrepreneurship, and various online marketing topics.

My talks are rated among the best at every conference at which I speak (or appear as a panelist). I'm proud of that and work hard to deliver an entertaining, funny, and informative session each time.

A Renaissance Man

I'm a writer, author, blogger, entrepreneur, strategist, consultant, conference speaker, photographer, creative director, editor-in-chief, and so much more! I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping young companies and freelancers grow their businesses. I mentor many budding entrepreneurs.

I'm guided by a strong belief in transparency and integrity, while encouraging people to just be themselves. Oddly enough, the harder I work, the luckier I get. Imagine that!


I'm involved with several projects ranging from photography to a few startups. The most significant to date is Nuvocore, a multi-language SEO CMS software start-up. It was used by the United Nations, and I received a government grant to continue work on it. It was profitable from day one, making it one of the most successful startups in history.

Current Affiliations

Lifestyle Magazine


Lifestyle Magazine

Redstone Photography Photojournalism

Head of Photography

Photography & Photojournalism

Email Marketing Mail Prince


Email Marketing

Purposive Internet Strategy


Internet Strategy Blog

Previous Affiliations

Priority Global Web Conferencing

V.P. of Online Marketing

Audio, Video & Web Conferencing
Advertising Network

Clip Riot Video Platform


Video-Serving Platform

SEO Multilingual Content Management System

Founder (Startup)

Multilingual SEO CMS

More Projects of Interest

I’ve highlighted a few noteworthy projects that I’m involved with:

  • Founder of The WordPress Lifestyle (#wplife) movement.
  • Currently writing more books.
  • Co-developed the SEO standards for the Library of Congress (
  • Director & instructor at the Montreal Internet Marketing Training Centre.

Work-life Balance

I believe that there’s more to life than striving to keep up with the Joneses. Being healthy and active are key. As such, a few years ago I changed my life to keep up with my belief system and lost 70 pounds and the associated negative health consequences of being so overweight disappeared. The Montreal Gazette published a story on my achievement which has inspired many to change their own lives.

As Seen In...

Montreal Gazette Story

Giving Back

I've been giving back to the community since I was a teenager. More recent philanthropic endeavours have included the following:

  • With a background as an Autism (ABA) consultant, I raise funds for Autism intervention.
  • I volunteered for Operation Nez Rouge.
  • I preside over the Canadian Internet Marketing Association, using the organization to push for integrity and ethical behaviour among all Canadians.
  • I volunteer for the Israel Day Rally in Montreal (a non-religious event). At the request of the organizers, my company gifted a re-designed website to the organization. I act as a consultant, attend meetings, provide Internet-related guidance, and help with coordination during the event.
  • In the web industry, I donate my time to helping others with their business development, marketing practices, and personal improvement. My mentorship has helped many people starting businesses.
  • With a commitment to the success of others, I donate an extensive amount of time toward educating professionals and the general public by giving talks at non-profit conferences on a complimentary basis. Moreover, I offer my experience-based consultations pro bono to younger up-and-coming professionals.


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Master of Arts (M.A.)*

Dean's Honour List for Best Thesis

Master of Arts (#2!)*

Diploma of Collegial Studies (D.C.S.)

Web Design Certificates

*Both Master's degrees started as Ph.D.s but I left each program early to work in the web industry... long story but no complaints!


  • Professor: I have taught my own courses at major universities
  • Former Researcher: Now I fund the research and let the principal investigators do their thing. Current project being funded continues my pioneering work on Internet addiction.
  • Former Clinician (Behavioural Psychology).
  • Sent my first email in 1993. Built my first website in 1997. Began Internet marketing that same year.
  • Got into SEO very early on. Long before today's fly-by-nights. I understand the big picture for small businesses and enterprise level companies. I've written extensively on how SEO has evolved into content marketing and the importance of the latter.
  • I've written thousands of pages worth of useful content. Yes, I have a lot to say! Content marketing is a natural step for me.
  • So much more!

Bio Sheet

Rather than a long paragraph, here's the short, bulleted list edition! I'm in Montreal but can travel.

What I Do

  • Internet strategist
  • Thought leader
  • Content marketing expert
  • SEO expert
  • Social media consultant
  • SEM workshop professor
  • Internet marketing guide
  • Systems analyst: I help companies with their ROI
  • Published photographer
  • Creative director and designer of attractive websites that convert: I make company websites work hard as they sell your products and services while you sleep.
  • Prolific writer (working on several more books!)

Integrated in All that I Do

  • Go-to guy: What problem do you need solved?
  • High integrity
  • Lateral thinker / Out-of-the-box idea generator
  • Intelligent and creative approaches to solving problems
  • High standards
  • Hype-free. I'm not a salesperson. I tell it like it is.
  • Renaissance man (their words, not mine, but quite complimentary)
  • Jack of many trades, master of some
  • Multiple award winner for above talents
  • Continually look out for my clients' best interests. How many of your business associates and vendors can claim that fact? I want you to succeed and excel. I work with clients who understand the value of hiring an experienced professional.